Coach Patrick

Hi – It’s Patrick here, and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read about me. I hope my story of how I found endurance sport, how it changed my life, and became a coach resonates with you.

You see about 20 years ago triathlon in my community was definitely considered a fringe sport. At that time when you spoke about triathlon most people would immediately ask “What the heck is that?”. Well one cool spring day I was out with my brother and we found this flyer advertising a local sprint triathlon in a few weeks. Of course being as competitive as we were he turned to me and said “Bet I could beat you..”. I simply replied “it’s on!”.

So with my big baggy swim shorts, mountain bike, and desire to show my older brother how it’s done, we went toe to toe. Still to this day it's one of my fondest memories and began my love of endurance sport (oh and yes I did beat my brother ;).

Since then I have competed in over 60 endurance races from sprint triathlons, marathons, trail races, adventure races, and ironmans. This love of the sport led to starting a successful coaching company 6 years ago with the goal of having each athlete become an improved and healthier version of themselves while achieving their performance goals.

Ironman Mont Tremblant 2015 Team Photo

Ironman Mont Tremblant 2015 Team Photo

My Story…

So, as I mentioned I love endurance sport and how it has the ability to change people's lives.

Well it transformed mine.

You see in the early 2001 I began my coaching education starting at the National Training Centre in Victoria B.C. and later that year finishing my Triathlon Coaching and Strength and Conditioning Certifications. I was coaching a local squad of age groupers, racing a lot, and competing regularly in National Championships. I was loving being both an athlete and coach and helping others achieve their health and performance goals.


By 2007 life priorities had changed.

I was a full time student finishing my Master’s degree in Kinesiology. I was also working full time managing the University Fitness facility. I was stressed out and not coping well. This meant limited sleep and exercise while eating poorly (I relied heavily on processed “healthy” foods) which led to putting on over 75lbs.

One morning I woke up in the morning and looked at this picture of myself.

Not the man I wanted to be nor the example I wanted to set for my soon to be born daughter.

I knew I needed to change. My health and life depended on it.

This was a pivotal turning point and began a journey back to health. I took small steps over time, focusing positive habits, and being a little better each day.

Over the next year I focused on eating healthy real food and making my healthy habits and training a priority.

My consistency was rewarded and I went from 255lbs to 180lbs. This not only renewed my passion for endurance sport, it more importantly reminded me that my health allows me to live and enjoy life to the fullest.

It was, and still is, important for me to be authentic by practicing the behaviours and living the lifestyle which promotes health and happiness as its foundations.


The Renewed Triathlete…

By 2008 I was back. I started to race again and found my true happiness. For me competing in endurance sport is not so much about competing against others but rather finding out what I have inside, having the opportunity to challenge my mind and body, and giving the best that I have. To me THAT is living.

Over that next 6 years I competed in triathlons, adventure racing, ITU age group national and world championships, as well as a 70.3 World Championship.

My commitment and consistency with regards to training and nutrition not only improved my health and performance, but more importantly, helped me become a better father and husband.  

It was through this journey back to health that I learned my choices and self belief where the core of my transformation. I took responsibility for my direction and control of my life.


My Family…

I am very fortunate to have met my amazing wife Josephine in early 2000 and we have been married since 2005. She has been an absolute rock of unwavering support and friendship.

In 2008 we welcomed our daughter Isabella into the world. She has definitely brought the love of play back into my life and everyday continues to be this incredible ride.





The Coach…

Using my own experience as a husband and father, I have developed an ability to understand and help age group athletes improve health and performance regardless of their time restrictions (work, family, etc.). I am able to take an athlete’s existing life circumstances and develop a program that allows them to be consistent and feel prepared while improving their health.

I believe your journey in triathlon should fun and most importantly a positive addition to your life. The plan we build together allows you to achieve consistency while taking your health and performance to the next level.



What athletes are saying...

Patrick has transformed me from an athlete that couldn’t swim 25 meters to a top 5% amateur age group Ironman athlete. His primary focus is on balancing my work, family and training, and his emphasis on overall health has kept injuries to a minimum and allowed me to train hard and continue to enjoy the sport for many years.

Patrick has also done an excellent job helping me define my true life goals. His lifestyle coaching approach focuses on all aspects of overall health, not just endurance training. This focus has allowed me to embrace a true balance between family, work and endurance training.
— Jim Greenwood

Trained Triathlon Coach (National Coaching Certification Program)

Certified Exercise Physiologist (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology)

Certified Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach

2014 Saskatchewan Triathlon Coach of the Year

Ironman Certified Coach